Thursday, April 28, 2011

21 New Loots

Zynga added 21 New Loots for us to Collect.They are from MarketPlace,Secret Stash,Limited Time Mission and Terminator vs Rambo Event

1.Cringe Rifle (Limited Time Mission)

2.PushBack (MarketPlace,25 Reward Point)

3.The Choppa (MarketPlace,25 Reward Point)

4.Good Luck (MarketPlace,25 Reward Point)

5.Confirmed Match

6.Puma (Secret Stash, ERROR duplicated from Brazil)

7.Croc Skin Jacket (Secret Stash,ERROR duplicated from Brazil)

8.Tarantula (Secret Stash)

9.Spider Monkey (Secret Stash)

10.Savannah Patroller (Secret Stash)

11.Heads Up (Secret Stash)

12.Final Word (Secret Stash)

13.Arachnid Cruiser (Secret Stash)

14.Web Climbing Rope (Secret Stash)

15.Ice Climbing Gear (Secret Stash)

16.Ice Climber (Secret Stash)

17.Blizzard Cannon (Secret Stash)

18.Jungle Strike (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

19.I'll Be Back (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

20.Rambo Head's Band (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

21.Get Down (Terminator vs Rambo Event)

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