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Mafia Wars on Myspace FAQ

This is From Zynga
We regret to announce that our relationship with MySpace will be ending on 04/18/2011.  As a thank you for playing, we'd like to jump-start your Mafia Wars account on MafiaWars.com.  With over 2 million daily players, new cities, and weekly content updates, you will be part of one of the largest game populations in the world.

Q: Why is Mafia Wars on Myspace shutting down?
A:  We apologize to all Myspace players that we are closing our game on this network.  It was a tough business decision that we had to make in the interest of the entire Mafia Wars Franchise.

Q: When will this happen?
A:  The phase-out period will begin on 04/13/2011.

 Each time you log into Mafia Wars on Myspace for the following 30 days, you will receive a message with a unique PIN redemption code.  Please store this code somewhere secure.

 During the 30 day transition period, Mafia Wars on Myspace will exist only as a landing page with your UID.  You will be unable to play Mafia Wars on Myspace during this period.

 After the 30 day period, Mafia Wars on Myspace will no longer exist and PIN redemption codes will no longer be generated or provided.

 The redemption page on MafiaWars.com will be accessible until June 30th, 2011.

 After June 30th, the redemption page on MafiaWars.com will no longer be accessible.

Q:  Is there a minimum level requirement?

A:   Yes.  In order to qualify for this redemption the player must be a minimum of level 30.

Q:  How does redemption work?
A:   Please follow the steps below to process your redemption

Step 1 – Log into your Myspace Mafia Wars account.  You will see a message with your unique PIN code

Step 2 – Write down and store your PIN code somewhere secure.  Do NOT share this PIN code with anyone else.  New PIN codes cannot be generated.

Step 3 – Go to MafiaWars.com

Step 4 – Log into www.MafiaWars.com .  If you do not have an account yet, you will need to create one.  If you have an   account, or once you have created new one, log into www.MafiaWars.com with that account.

Step 5 – On the redemption page, enter in your PIN code.  From here there are 3 possible outcomes.

A)     You've incorrectly entered the PIN code (there's a typo).  You will need to re-enter the correct PIN code.  10 incorrect attempts in 5 minutes will prevent our system from recognizing any code for the next 10 minutes.

B)      You entered a PIN code that has already been redeemed.  This code is already used.  This is only possible if the code was not kept secure.

C)      The PIN code is correctly entered and not previously used.

Step 6 – If C) is the case, you will be presented with two options.

A)     Overwrite your existing MafiaWars.com account with a pre-constructed account.

B)      Apply a lump-sum Reward Point package to your existing MafiaWars.com account.

Step 7a – If you choose A), your previous MafiaWars.com account details will be erased completely and replaced with a pre-constructed account.

Step 7b – If you choose B), you will receive a lump-sum Reward Point package added to your current MafiaWars.com account.

Step 8 – Previous payments on Mafia Wars on Myspace will be converted to Reward Points and that amount will be applied on top of Step 7.

Q: What are the packages?
A:  Based on average statistics of the Mafia Wars MySpace player pool, 14 pre-constructed MafiaWars.com accounts were created.

 Those accounts are set at levels 50/100/200/300/400/500/600/700/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000/5000.

 Players will be 'rounded up' into the next interval based on the level of their Mafia Wars Myspace account.  (For accounts over 5000, they will be rounded down into a level 5000 account for balance reasons.)

 A certain amount of total skill is calculated per level, and a portion of that is pre-assigned to specific skill (health, energy,  stamina, attack, defense).  The remainder is converted into Reward Points.

User-added image
 Select quantities of certain items were also added to help ease the transition into MafiaWars.com with the pre-existing player base.

    o   Select Event Mastery Items
     o   20 of each property + crafting parts
     o   50 of each rare loot drop from Vegas jobs, 25 of each rare loot drop from Italy jobs
     o   Variety of additional combat items

Q: How much are the lump-sum Reward Point packages?
A:  Lump-sum Reward Point packages range between a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 5000 Reward points, depending on  the level of your Mafia Wars Myspace account.
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Q:  Why can't my existing account be converted so that I have the same stats/progress/items?
A:  For a variety of technical/coding reasons, we cannot perform a conversion of Mafia Wars Myspace accounts.  In order to best accommodate all Mafia Wars Myspace players, approximations were necessary.

Q: What's the benefit to playing on MafiaWars.com?
A:  MafiaWars.com is constantly maintained and has additional areas (Vegas, Italy, Brazil) and more features and functionality.

Q:  My code is not working.
A:  There are several reasons that the code might not be working.
1)      The code has already been redeemed
2)      The code is incorrectly entered / not valid

 Please submit an email to MWMyspacecode@zynga.com with the subject line "Myspace Code not working" or "Myspace Code redeemed"

 Include in that email

     o   Your Myspace UID
     o   Your redemption PIN code
     o   Your MafiaWars.com UID number

 If your code has already been redeemed, we will be unable to issue a new one, so please do not reveal the code to anyone.

 Please allow 4 business days for a response while we sort the reported issues so that we can respond in an efficient manner.

Q:  How do I find my Myspace UID?
A:  If you click on the profile link of your Myspace account, the number in the URL is your Myspace UID.

Q:  How do I find my mafiawars.com UID number?
A:  In the upper right, after you log in, you will see a Welcome _YourName_ (Log out).  Mouseover your name and copy that link.    The number after '…profile.php?id=' is your MafiaWars.com UID number.

Q:  Can I get a refund instead?
A:  No, refunds are not permitted.

Q: What about my payments?
A:  Any players with prior payments will have their payment history converted to Reward Points and added onto their package.

Q:  Who can I contact?
A:  MWMyspacecode@zynga.com is the contact email for all inquiries about this transition. Depending on the volume of expected submissions, responses may take several business days to return. Please note that our Chat Agents will not have any additional information, and all Chat contacts regarding this topic will direct players back to this email address.

Q: Why couldn't you give us more advance notice or time to play on Myspace?
A: We apologize for the suddenness of this transition.  For a variety of technical and data integrity reasons beyond our control, it was necessary to announce and perform the transition at the same time.   As a goodwill gesture, we will be offering a one-time half-off coupon for purchase of Reward Points for players that have made the transition.  This unique coupon will be sent via in-game messaging to accounts that have redeemed a PIN code in approximately 6-8 weeks, after we have gathered information regarding which accounts are eligible.

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