Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Terminator vs. Rambo

Info from The Official Mafia Wars Blog:

Terminator vs. Rambo Good vs. evil is for suckers. As any seasoned mobster knows, the real battle is bad vs. badder. Starting late this week, you get to put that to the test with Terminator vs. Rambo in the ultimate battle for badassery.
You'll get to collect cool gear and weapons for each action hero, such as Rambo's head band or the Terminator's shotgun, by sending feeds and requests to friends. Get 10 special items of either hero to complete the set and "own" the hero! You can get up to 5 sets of each hero.
The battle for the ultimate action hero will reign for a week. At the end, the hero whose special items were gifted the most will be declared the winner, and you'll retrieve a trophy for each completed set of the winning hero.
If you've always wanted to tell someone "I'll be back" or let your foes know "killing's as easy as breathing," here's your chance. May the baddest hero win!

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